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International Agricultural Engineering Journal (IAEJ) was launched at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Bangkok,Thailand in 1992. Since 1992, IAEJ has been sponsored and published by the Asian Association for Agricultural Engineering(AAAE) with a frequency of four issues per year and it is the official journal of AAAE. It is published only in print copy andover 350 papers in 20 volumes have been published during past 20 years.
IAEJ is an international and multidisciplinary journal. The major goal of this journal is to communicate advances inagricultural engineering, with a particular preference to Asia, to researchers, practicing engineers and decision makers ofdeveloping countries. IAEJ publishes peer-reviewed research .......More

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  Current Issue
  2020. 29(4), Published: 2021-02-08
Simulation and energy analysis of a closed glass greenhouse in northern China
  Wenyang Pu 1,2, Guanshan Zhang 1,2, Xiaoming Ding 1,2, Tianhua Li 1,2, Jialin Hou1,2*
Effect of a nano-membrane covered during the Chinese spirits vinasse and cow dung aerobic composting system
  Zhenxuan Xu1, Qi Liu1, Sinuo Lin1, Yanqi Tang1, Dexin Shan2, Qichao Wang3, Yanjun Li3, Xin Mi1, Xiaohan Li1, Ziyi Wang1, Hong Yan4, Yingjie Dai1*
Construction and application of a nondestructive testing system for biomass of rice plants
  Cuihong Liu1, Xingjie Guan1, Benhua Zhang1, Yuqiu Song1, Aiju Kong1, Mingjin Xin1, Hongguang Cui1, Xiao Yang1, Liyan Wu1
Influence of polyacrylamide on soil structure and erodibility of cultivated land at different slope positions
  Yong Wang1,2, Zuo Wu3, Ning Hou3, Jiangkun Zheng1, Cheng Liu1, Minghui Xiang4, Xinlan Liang3*
Distribution law of different angle seed drop tubes and air velocity parameters of rice seed
  Baolong Wang1,2, Xiwen Luo3*, Zaiman Wang3, Wei Fu4, Jian Liu1,2, Guopeng Zhu1,2
Kinematics simulation and parameters optimization of the profiling elastic press device
  Wenjun Wang, Guangfei Xu, Peisong Diao*
Discrete element simulation and operation parameter optimization of slide-cutting subsoiler based on clay loam
  Hua Zhou1,4, Chunling Zhang2,4, Jumin Zhang3,4, Junfang Xia3,4*
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