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International Agricultural Engineering Journal (IAEJ) was launched at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Bangkok,Thailand in 1992. Since 1992, IAEJ has been sponsored and published by the Asian Association for Agricultural Engineering(AAAE) with a frequency of four issues per year and it is the official journal of AAAE. It is published only in print copy andover 350 papers in 20 volumes have been published during past 20 years.
IAEJ is an international and multidisciplinary journal. The major goal of this journal is to communicate advances inagricultural engineering, with a particular preference to Asia, to researchers, practicing engineers and decision makers ofdeveloping countries. IAEJ publishes peer-reviewed research .......More

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  Current Issue
  2021. 30(2), Published: 2021-11-16
 Effect of sowing methods on wheat variety (IBBA 99)
  Shathar. A. Alaamer1, Salih K. Alwan Alsharifi2* Naim Shtewy3
Evaluation of innovative planting methods on rice variety (Amber shamiya)
  Mohammad Salem Al-Jezaari1, Salih Kadhum Alwan Alsharifi2*, Shathar. A. Alaamer3
Resistance of white mango scale by pesticide spraying using a mist blower and the effect of spraying process on fruit quality
  Abd El-Rahman A. Abd El-Raouf1*, Aml A. El-Baowab2, Rehab E.M.E. Salem3, Salah M. El-Amir4, Helmy E. Hassan5
Design and experimental study of spiral conveyor for cottonseed magnetic separator
  Xinwu Du1,2, Guodong Wang1, Jing Pang1, Xianchao Cao1, Wenhua Mao3*
Experiment and analysis of dual channel PID control for hydraulic steering by-wire in tractors
  Yang Lu1, Xiuyong Diao2, Zhixiong Lu2*
Optimization of hot air-assisted intermittent microwave drying technology for straw-based nutrient seedling-growing bowl tray
  Haiming Yu1, Haiyuan Li2, Fuxian Zhang2, Hanyang Wang2, Xinyue Zhang2, Haijun Liu3*
Effect of moisture on physico-engineering properties of two husked and de-husked Chinese rice varieties
  Shakeel Ahmed Soomro1,2, Kunjie Chen1*, Naimatullah Leghari2, Nelson Richard Makange1, Mecha Peter1, Khurram Yousaf3, Aasia Panhwar2, Sikandar Almani4, Zubair Ahmed Soomro2
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