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International Agricultural Engineering Journal (IAEJ) was launched at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Bangkok,Thailand in 1992. Since 1992, IAEJ has been sponsored and published by the Asian Association for Agricultural Engineering(AAAE) with a frequency of four issues per year and it is the official journal of AAAE. It is published only in print copy andover 350 papers in 20 volumes have been published during past 20 years.
IAEJ is an international and multidisciplinary journal. The major goal of this journal is to communicate advances inagricultural engineering, with a particular preference to Asia, to researchers, practicing engineers and decision makers ofdeveloping countries. IAEJ publishes peer-reviewed research .......More

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  Current Issue
  2020. 29(3), Published: 2020-10-20
Degradation characteristics of degradable mulch film and its effect on cotton yield in Southern Xinjiang, China
  Mo Chen, Wensong Guo, Xufeng Wang, Can Hu*, Xiaowei He, Long Wang, Yuanyuan Liu
Productivity of wheat mechanical harvesting on fragmented farmlands and its influence factors- A case of a typical village on HHH Plain
  Yu Liu1,2, Qiaoqin Liu3, Xiumei Tang1,2*, Yanmin Ren1,2, Yueming Hu4
SPH-based simulation, statistical evaluation and experiment validation on tilling performance of the rotary blade of a handheld tiller
  Shoutai Li1, Mingjin Yang1, Ling Yang1, Zhonghuan Hu1, Shouyong Xie1, Wei Chen2*
Parameter optimization test of mechanical safflower ball positioning device
  Xiaowei Zhang, Yun Ge*, Lixin Zhang, Fei Chen, Jiangyu Zhang
Improved design and performance analysis of electrical drive outside slot wheel fertilizer distributor in side deep fertilization system for precision rice hill-direct-seeding machine
  Han Tang, Yeming Jiang, Jinwu Wang*, Shuwei Li, Ziming Wang
Evaluation model for potato machinery selection in Northwest China based on AHP method
  Tao Li1, Minli Yang1.2*
Trajectory planning and dynamics analysis of greenhouse parallel transplanting robot
  Qizhi Yang1.2*, Cuiping Jia1, Mengtao Sun1, Xiaoqi Zhao1, Mingsheng He1, Hanping Mao1, Jianping Hu1, Min Addy3
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